Part No. AD1 Loom I.D.*O.D. AD2 Loom I.D.*O.D. AD3 Loom I.D.*O.D.
WLT-4116 17.0mm*21.2mm(5/8") 10.0mm*13.0mm(3/8") 12.0mm*15.8mm(1/2")

Material: polyamide(PA66)

Working Temperature: -40℃~+130℃

Wire loom tee connector is widely used in wire and cable protection industry. To hold and fix wire loom tubing.


UL Approved

RoHS Compliant

ISO9001:2015 Certified

More Size:

Product's Link Part No. AD1 Loom ID*OD AD2 Loom ID*OD AD3 Loom ID*OD
view now WLT-4101 4.5mm*7.0mm(1/8") 4.5mm*7.0mm(1/8") 4.5mm*7.0mm(1/8")
view now WLT-4102 6.5mm*10.0mm(1/4") 4.5mm*7.0mm(1/8") 4.5mm*7.0mm(1/8")
view now WLT-4103 6.5mm*10.0mm(1/4") 4.5mm*7.0mm(1/8") 6.5mm*10.0mm(1/4")
view now WLT-4104 6.5mm*10.0mm(1/4") 6.5mm*10.0mm(1/4") 6.5mm*10.0mm(1/4")
view now WLT-4105 10.0mm*13.0mm(3/8") 4.5mm*7.0mm(1/8") 6.5mm*10.0mm(1/4")
view now WLT-4106 10.0mm*13.0mm(3/8") 6.5mm*10.0mm(1/4") 10.0mm*13.0mm(3/8")
view now WLT-4107 10.0mm*13.0mm(3/8") 10.0mm*13.0mm(3/8") 10.0mm*13.0mm(3/8")
view now WLT-4108 12.0mm*15.8mm(1/2") 6.5mm*10.0mm(1/4") 6.5mm*10.0mm(1/4")
view now WLT-4109 12.0mm*15.8mm(1/2") 6.5mm*10.0mm(1/4") 12.0mm*15.8mm(1/2")
view now WLT-4110 12.0mm*15.8mm(1/2") 10.0mm*13.0mm(3/8") 10.0mm*13.0mm(3/8")
view now WLT-4111 12.0mm*15.8mm(1/2") 10.0mm*13.0mm(3/8") 12.0mm*15.8mm(1/2")
view now WLT-4112 12.0mm*15.8mm(1/2") 12.0mm*15.8mm(1/2") 12.0mm*15.8mm(1/2")
view now WLT-4113 14.3mm*18.5mm(9/16") 14.3mm*18.5mm(9/16") 14.3mm*18.5mm(9/16")
view now WLT-4114 17.0*21.2mm(5/8") 6.5mm*10.0mm(1/4") 12.0mm*15.8mm(1/2")
view now WLT-4115 17.0*21.2mm(5/8") 6.5mm*10.0mm(1/4") 17.0*21.2mm(5/8")
view now WLT-4116 17.0*21.2mm(5/8") 10.0mm*13.0mm(3/8") 12.0mm*15.8mm(1/2")
view now WLT-4117 17.0*21.2mm(5/8") 10.0mm*13.0mm(3/8") 17.0*21.2mm(5/8")
view now WLT-4118 17.0*21.2mm(5/8") 12.0mm*15.8mm(1/2") 12.0mm*15.8mm(1/2")
view now WLT-4119 17.0*21.2mm(5/8") 12.0mm*15.8mm(1/2") 17.0*21.2mm(5/8")
view now WLT-4120 17.0*21.2mm(5/8") 17.0*21.2mm(5/8") 10.0mm*13.0mm(3/8")
view now WLT-4121 17.0*21.2mm(5/8") 17.0*21.2mm(5/8") 12.0mm*15.8mm(1/2")
view now WLT-4122 17.0*21.2mm(5/8") 17.0*21.2mm(5/8") 17.0*21.2mm(5/8")
view now WLT-4123 20.0mm*25.0mm(3/4") 6.5mm*10.0mm(1/4") 17.0*21.2mm(5/8")
view now WLT-4124 20.0mm*25.0mm(3/4") 6.5mm*10.0mm(1/4") 20.0mm*25.0mm(3/4")
view now WLT-4125 20.0mm*25.0mm(3/4") 10.0mm*13.0mm(3/8") 10.0mm*13.0mm(3/8")
view now WLT-4126 20.0mm*25.0mm(3/4") 10.0mm*13.0mm(3/8") 17.0*21.2mm(5/8")
view now WLT-4127 20.0mm*25.0mm(3/4") 10.0mm*13.0mm(3/8") 20.0mm*25.0mm(3/4")
view now WLT-4128 20.0mm*25.0mm(3/4") 12.0mm*15.8mm(1/2") 17.0*21.2mm(5/8")
view now WLT-4129 20.0mm*25.0mm(3/4") 12.0mm*15.8mm(1/2") 20.0mm*25.0mm(3/4")
view now WLT-4130 20.0mm*25.0mm(3/4") 17.0*21.2mm(5/8") 12.0mm*15.8mm(1/2")
view now WLT-4131 20.0mm*25.0mm(3/4") 17.0*21.2mm(5/8") 17.0*21.2mm(5/8")
view now WLT-4132 20.0mm*25.0mm(3/4") 20.0mm*25.0mm(3/4") 17.0mm*21.2mm(5/8")
view now WLT-4133 20.0mm*25.0mm(3/4") 20.0mm*25.0mm(3/4") 20.0mm*25.0mm(3/4")
view now WLT-4134 23.0mm*28.5mm(1") 20.0mm*25.0mm(3/4") 20.0mm*25.0mm(3/4")
view now WLT-4135 23.0mm*28.5mm(1") 23.0mm*28.5mm(1") 23.0mm*28.5mm(1")

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5/8" x 3/8" x 1/2" Wire Loom T Connnector - 10pcs

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