Straight plastic conduit connector is widely used in wire and cable protection industry. To connect and fix flexible plastic conduit

Matched Conduit I.D.: 12.0mm(0.48")

Matched Conduit O.D.: 15.8mm(0.63")

Thread: M18*1.5

Thread O.D.: 18.0mm

Thread Length: 12.5mm

Material: PA66(nylon)

Working Temperature: -40℃~+130℃

Package: 50pcs a bag with a carton


UL Approved

RoHS Compliant

ISO9001:2015 Certified


Matched Conduit I.D. Matched Conduit O.D. Thread Thread O.D. Thread Length
6.5mm(0.26") 10.0mm(0.40") M12 12.0mm 8.5mm
10.0mm(0.40") 13.0mm(0.52") M16 16.0mm 10.0mm
12.0mm(0.48") 15.8mm(0.63") M18 18.0mm 12.5mm
14.3mm(0.58") 18.5mm(0.74") M20 20.0mm 12.5mm
17.0mm(0.68") 21.2mm(0.85") M20 20.0mm 13.0mm
17.0mm(0.68") 21.2mm(0.85") M22 22.0mm 13.0mm
17.0mm(0.68") 21.2mm(0.85") M24 24.0mm 13.0mm
20.0mm(0.80") 25.0mm(1") M25 25.0mm 13.0mm
23.0mm(0.92") 28.5mm(1.14") M27 27.0mm 13.0mm
29.0mm(1.16") 34.5mm(1.38") M32 32.0mm 14.0mm
29.0mm(1.16") 34.5mm(1.38") M36 36.0mm 14.0mm
36.0mm(1.44") 42.5mm(1.70") M40 40.0mm 15.0mm
36.0mm(1.44") 42.5mm(1.70") M48 48.0mm 15.0mm
48.0mm(1.92") 54.5mm(2.18") M50 50.0mm 16.0mm
48.0mm(1.92") 54.5mm(2.18") M60 60.0mm 16.0mm

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M18 Straight Connector for 12.0MM I.D. Loom - 50pcs

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