Nylon high temperature split loom tubing is widely used in wire and cable protection industry. Especially in wire harness protection.

Structure: split

Inch Size: 4"

Inner Diameter: 91.0mm(3.64inches)

Outer Diameter: 106.0mm(4.24inch)

Bending Radius: 225.0mm(0.75feet)

Material: nylon/polyamide(PA)

Working Temperature: -40℃~+130℃

Package: 20meters(66feet) a roll with a carton


UL Approved

RoHS Compliant

ISO9001:2015 Certified


Inner Diameter

Outer Diameter

Bending Radius

Packing Quantity/Roll

4.5mm(0.18") 7.0mm(0.28") 12.0mm(0.04') 100m(330')
6.5mm(0.26") 10.0mm(0.40") 16.0mm(0.06') 100m(330')
10.0mm(0.40") 13.0mm(0.52") 20.0mm(0.07') 100m(330')
12.0mm(0.48") 15.8mm(0.63") 30.0mm(0.10') 100m(330')
14.3mm(0.58") 18.5mm(0.74") 40.0mm(0.14') 100m(330')
17.0mm(0.68") 21.2mm(0.85") 45.0mm(0.15') 100m(330')
20.0mm(0.80") 25.0mm(1.00") 45.0mm(0.15') 100m(330')
23.0mm(0.92") 28.5mm(1.14") 50.0mm(0.17') 100m(330')
29.0mm(1.16") 34.5mm(1.38") 60.0mm(0.20') 50m(166')
36.0mm(1.44") 42.5mm(1.70") 70.0mm(0.24') 25m(83')
48.0mm(1.92") 54.5mm(2.18") 90.0mm(0.30') 25m(83')
56.0mm(2.24") 67.2mm(2.69") 130.0mm(0.43') 20m(66')
69.0mm(2.76") 80.0mm(3.20") 170.0mm(0.57') 20m(66')
91.0mm(3.64") 106.0mm(4.24") 225.0mm(0.75') 20m(66')

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4" Nylon High Temp Split Loom - 33Feet

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